Malam Waziri Isa Adam’s failure to complete PhD at University of Lagos 14 years after

Malam Waziri Isa Adam’s failure to complete PhD at University of Lagos 14 years after

The attention of Management of Ahmadu Bello University has been drawn to a press release issued today (Sunday, 9th June, 2024) by Malam Waziri Isa Adam, a staff member of the institution, accusing the University Management of his failure to complete his PhD degree at the University of Lagos 14 years after enrolment for the programme.

The staff, an Assistant Lecturer at the institution’s Department of Mass Communication, also claimed that his academic pursuits had been “unfairly targeted due to his outspoken criticism of the VC’s actions”, which, he further said, had “caused significant delays and obstacles in his academic pursuits”.

Given the wishy-washy manner in which he presented his PhD update as captured in the release simply to deceive the public, it is pertinent for the University Management to respond and make official clarification on the matter.

Malam Adam has been an Assistant Lecturer since 28th January, 2009 after his upgrade from Graduate Assistant following completion of his MSc Mass Communication degree from the University of Lagos. He has been on that rank for well over 15 years now because of his inability to meet the institution’s academic promotion requirements.

He joined the services of Ahmadu Bello University as a full-time staff on the rank of Graduate Assistant on 20th February, 2006. So he has been a stagnated academic staff for more than 18 years, a period long enough for him to attain the peak of his career. Those, who came much later than him, are either Associate Professors or Professors now.

Adam had sought and obtained admission in 2010/2011 academic session to undertake PhD in Mass Communication at the University of Lagos, for which he was awarded Study Fellowship for a period of three years with full pay by Ahmadu Bello University from 22nd November, 2010 to 21st November, 2013. He was further awarded the then Education Trust Fund (ETF) Academic Staff Training and Development Intervention award in the sum of N1,600,000 in 2010. At various times he sought and was given financial support by the University to cover tuition fees, accommodation, books, and research costs. On request, the study Fellowship was extended from 22nd November, 2013 to 21st November, 2014; and from 22nd November, 2014 to 21st November, 2015 in the first and second instances respectively to enable him to complete the PhD degree.

In November, 2015, Malam Waziri Isa Adam returned to the University to continue teaching activities without completing the PhD. On 1st February, 2016, he sought another one year extension of the Study Fellowship to enable him to complete the programme. At that point, his Head of Department informed the then Vice-Chancellor that Waziri Isa Adam was teaching (without permission) at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi. Consequently, the University requested him via a letter dated 9th March, 2016 that he should provide an official progress report on his PhD programme at the University of Lagos. Adam did not respond to the inquiry and so his request was not granted.

On 10th February, 2021, he re-applied for two years Leave of Absence from the University to enable him to complete the PhD. To enable the University process his request, he was further asked to provide comprehensive report on the outcome of the Study Fellowship previously awarded to him from 22nd November, 2010 to 21st November, 2023, and the two extensions granted him. He was also requested to explain the status of the then ETF Academic Staff Training and Development Intervention award made to him. Adam also did not respond to the inquiry and his request was not granted. On 11th May, 2021, the University requested Adam to submit progress report of his PhD academic standing through his Head of Department, which he also chose not to respond to.

In a desperate attempt to distract the University and avert accountability, Adam has suddenly turned to his well-known and age-long blackmail style on the University Management using the platform of the newspaper business that he runs on full-time basis. While it is unclear if the newspaper, Education Monitor, is registered with relevant regulatory agencies or not, Adam has continued to publish spurious allegations against the Management of the University.

When Prof. Kabiru Bala assumed duty as the Vice-Chancellor, Adam expected that the new administration would patronise him as the previous administrations used to. At various times in the past, he was appointed as media consultant and he was also patronised through placements of adverts in Education Monitor. It is crystal clear to him that Prof. Kabiru Bala would not be stampeded or coerced into his antics.

Auwalu Umar
Public Affairs Directorate,
Office of Vice-Chancellor,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
Sunday, 9th June, 2024

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