September 2019

Good greetings to you; I am Nura Dari, Principal Programmer specializing in Hardware Maintenance, Programming & IT Business Solutions at the Institute of Computing & ICT.

My core area of interest is in computer hardware installation and maintenance (troubleshooting, repairs) alongside providing IT business solutions and teaching in that field. Ours is a noble profession that is people-and-service oriented; and as nearly all spheres of life now becomes connected through computing (think IoT), it is essential to have a well-trained pool of hardware professionals who are competent to keep systems going. I invite you to join us at Iya Abubakar Computer Centre and explore more!

Good greetings to you; I am Aliyu Garba, Assistant Lecturer specializing in Data Science and Machine Learning at the Department of Computer Science.

Learning is a continuous process that requires self-dedication and serious commitment. And so also is teaching. If you wish to be one of the best learned persons in the field of computing, I invite you to join us here at the Computer Science Department where I and my colleagues assure you of exposure to relevant knowledge that will empower you to compete with others anywhere in the world.

Good greetings to you; I am Adewale Adedokun, Professor specialising in Computer Networking & Emerging Technologies at the Computer Engineering Department of ABU Zaria.

My research interest is in computer networks and emerging technologies including IoT (Internet of Things), SDN (software-defined networks) and the likes. I and my colleagues work to improve availability, integrity and security of networks and connected devices. The ultimate application of our research efforts is to make learning and living easier for everyone through the use of emerging technologies. I am happy to invite you to join us at the Department of Computer Engineering and explore the endless possibilities of a connected world.

Good greetings to you; I am Professor MB Mu’azu, Professor specialising in Computational Intelligence at the Computer Engineering Department of ABU Zaria.

This area falls under one of the thematic areas in the Department that focuses on “any science-supported approaches and technologies for analyzing, creating, and developing intelligent systems” We work with several nature-inspired computing techniques and have indeed developed our own unique one. We invite you to join us on this journey exploring use of nature to solve computational problems and indeed into the world of computational thinking.

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