ABU Zaria Secures Top Spots in URAP Rankings in Nigeria and Across Africa

ABU Zaria Secures Top Spots in URAP Rankings in Nigeria and Across Africa

The most recent academic evaluation conducted by the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) for 2024 has unveiled Ahmadu Bello University Zaria as one of the leading universities in Nigeria and the continent. URAP’s rigorous ranking methodology, emphasizing academic excellence, positions ABU Zaria as the third-best university in Nigeria, the 21st in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and an impressive 1176th globally.

The Vice-Chancellor highlighted Ahmadu Bello University’s pivotal role as a publicly funded research institution, dedicated to addressing Nigeria and Africa’s challenges through innovative solutions, rendering it an esteemed academic destination. He attributed the university’s remarkable URAP ranking to substantial investments in infrastructure enhancement and the revitalization of learning environments. Moreover, there has been a concerted effort to enhance scholarly outputs and improve post-graduate student graduation rates.

Furthermore, the Vice-Chancellor reaffirmed his administration’s unwavering commitment to elevating the university’s stature through faculty training on best practices, prioritizing student-centric approaches, fostering innovative learning methodologies, and promoting extensive research opportunities. Emphasizing the importance of fostering competitiveness, scientific inquiry, academic freedom, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity, he underscored the significance of leaving a lasting legacy.

Over the years, ABU Zaria faculty members have secured competitive grants, yielding groundbreaking advancements in various fields such as food security, energy independence, and medical breakthroughs. The university remains steadfast in its support of faculty excellence, aspiring to become a global leader in education and discovery.

As ABU Zaria continues its journey towards excellence, it remains dedicated to nurturing a conducive environment for learning, research, and innovation, poised to make significant contributions to academia and society at large.

Article written by: Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Yahaya


Secretary, University Ranking Committee

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