Gombe Jewel University picks pioneer Vice-Chancellor from ABU

Gombe Jewel University picks pioneer Vice-Chancellor from ABU

Prof. Mohammed Kabir of the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, is the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of Jewel
University, Gombe, following his recent appointment to steer the affairs of the private institution for a period of five years.
Kabir, a professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics, is expected to assume office in May this year.

Born on 26th August, 1970, Prof. Kabir joined the services of Ahmadu Bello University in 2005 as Assistant Lecturer and rose through the dint of hard work and dedication to become professor in 2018. He has since then taught and supervised several students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He attended
several conferences and workshops leading to many scientific publications totaling 176 to his credit.

Prof. Kabir also served the University in various capacities at different times. For instance, he is the immediate past Head of the Department of Animal
Science, Ahmadu Bello University, where he held sway for four years.

This is in addition to serving in 22 statutory and adhoc committees such as Senate of Ahmadu Bello University, Senate Standing Committee, ABU Committee on
Animal Use and Care, Faculty Strategic Committee, and Farm Management Committee, among others.

Kabir is a member of many academic and professional bodies that include Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN), Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP), Genetics Society of Nigeria (GSN), Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN), World Poultry Science Association (WPSA), and World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA).

Also, he served as member of the Technical Team for Poultry Value Chain of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA), and Federal Government of Nigeria Committee for the Minimum Industry Standards for Operation of Hatcheries, Breeder Farms, Feed Mills, Poultry Processing, Poultry Drugs, Vaccines and Biologics.

Prof. Kabir is a reviewer to many peer reviewed journals, including World’s Poultry Science Journal (WPSJ), Journal of Animal Production Research (JAPR), Nigerian Journal of Animal Production (NJAP), Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review (BRJASR), Nigerian Journal of Animal Science (NJAS), and Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology (JAAT).

Public Affairs Directorate,
Office of the Vice-Chancellor,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
Friday, 26thApril, 2024

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