ANAN President speaks at conference on accounting development hosted in ABU

ANAN President speaks at conference on accounting development hosted in ABU

The President of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Dr. James Neminebor, has spoken on the digitalized economy, saying the development brings numerous benefits, challenges related to digital incursion and disparities in access to technology and digital skills.

Speaking at the Annual International Conference on Accounting Development held at the CBN Centre for Excellence on Economics and Finance, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria recently, the President also said that the “digitalized economy, with its disruptive technologies, has reshaped industries, economies, and the very fabric of daily lives”.

The conference, ‘A Paradigm Shift in the Digitalized Economy: Bridging the Gaps Between Theory and Practice”, highlighted the existing gaps between theory and practice in the context of the digitalized economy.

The ANAN boss also said that the key gaps to consider the need for a paradigm shift in the context of the digitalized economy arise from the dynamic and evolving nature of technologies advancements, coupled with the challenges faced in bridging the gaps between theoretical insights and practical implementation.

He said that the journey to bridge the gaps required collective efforts from academia and industry to provide insights into real world challenges and foster an ecosystem that encourages innovation and experimentation.

Also speaking, Dr. Abdulkadeer Njiddah, Principal Partner, Abdulkadeer and Chartered Accountants, explained that bridging the gap between theory and practice was crucial for understanding and managing the ongoing digital transformation effectively.

He also talked on integrating theoretical with practical applications essential for stakeholders to navigate complex environment. Key technologies such as biometrics, IOT, robotics process automation, smart AI, smart contract and blockchain are driving these changes, offering both opportunities and challenges, he also said.

Earlier in his address of welcome, the Head, Department of Accounting, Dr. M.M. Bagudo, appreciated the University Management’s support and the assistance of their partners.

Dr. Bagudo hoped that the conference would provide a platform for exploring the dynamic intersection between theoretical frameworks and practical applications in the rapidly changing financial landscape.

Public Affairs Directorate,
Office of the Vice-Chancellor,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
Thursday, 7th March, 2024

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