ABU Anti Plagiarism License

ABU Anti Plagiarism

Both students and staff are encouraged to get in touch with CASS at IAIICT in order to obtain access to the platform. Furthermore, it is recommended that you consult the provided guide relevant to your respective category.

Student Guide

CASS at IAIICT will provide access to the platform solely to students who are deemed legitimate.

Admin Guide

This category is exclusively reserved for authorized staff members who will be granted access to the platform by CASS at IAIICT.

Instructor Guide

CASS at IAIICT will provide access to this platform to university staff who are genuinely interested and meet the legitimacy criteria.

To gain access without visiting IAIICT, please click https://forms.office.com/r/56DC5Bvs30 to complete an application form.

We tend to grasp concepts more quickly when we observe a live demonstration by an instructor. To receive further guidance, please watch the accompanying videos below.

For Admin and Instructor

For Students

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