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Sir Ahmadu Bello
Sir Ahmadu Bello (1910–1966)


Equipping students to actively participate in and lead within society, making valuable contributions in an intricate and challenging global environment.

Undergraduate Education

ABU produces thousands of fresh graduates every year from about 94 undergraduate programmes.

Postgraduate Education

Choose from around 664 well-established PhD, MPhil, MSc and PGD programmes to boost your career.

Distance Learning

If you're not able to learn on-campus physically, ABU gives you the chance to earn a degree via distance learning.

Campus Life

Establishing a dynamic community comprised of talented and innovative individuals from various corners of the globe.

Student Life

A residential campus with diverse housing, exceptional dining, and over 600 student organizations

Arts & Culture

A longstanding commitment to nurturing creativity and a lively arts hub within the campus community.


Student may pertake in various sport activities ranging from football, basket ball etc.


Facilitating breakthroughs crucial for our world, well-being, and intellectual enrichment.


Research Institutes


Research Centers

₦10.5 Billion

sponsored research budget

18 Faculties

110 Departments

98 UG Programmes

453 PG Programmes

7,774 PG Students

43,319 UG Students

3,889 LVT Students

2,939 Academic Staff

641 Professors

3 Colleges of Agriculture

15 Centers

500,000+ Alumni Across the Globe

22 Research Patent

Featured Staff

Good greetings to you; I am Professor MB Mu’azu, Professor specialising in Computational Intelligence at the Computer Engineering Department of ABU Zaria.
This area falls under one of the thematic areas in the Department that focuses on “any science-supported approaches and technologies for analyzing, creating, and developing intelligent systems” We work with several nature-inspired computing techniques and have indeed developed our own unique one. We invite you to join us on this journey exploring use of nature to solve computational problems and indeed into the world of computational thinking.
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