1.    MacArthur Rural Finance ProjectCarsey Institute of New Hampshire10/30/2013ABU1 Year With chances of Further renewalExpiredUSA
2.    Millennium Village Project in PampaidaThe Earth Institute Columbia University, New York24th November, 2009ABU5 YearsExpiredUSA
3.    International Collaboration Agreement (ICA)Washington State University (WSU) Pullman, USA15th September, 2008ABU5 YearsExpiredUSA
4.    Collaboration in Plant Breeding activitiesUniversity of Illinois Urbana, Champagne, USA18th August, 2008IAR5 YearsExpiredUSA
5.    Exchange of academic staff.University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.Department of Public AdministrationUSA
6.    Staff & student Exchanges, Financial assistance & training,Kansas State UniversityAgric. Economics & Rural SociologyUSA
7.    University of IowaAgric. Economics & Rural SociologyUSA
8.    Staff & student Exchanges, Financial Assistance, & training,Kansas State UniversityAnimal ScienceUSA
9.    Staff & student Exchanges, Financial Assistance, & training,University of NebraskaAnimal ScienceUSA
10.         Enhance academic and research interchange.Tuskegee University18/08/2017Department of Pathology5 YearsExpiredUSA
11.         Collaboration in scholarly pursuits.The Broad Institute of Massachusetts institute of Technology19th October, 2017Department of Pathology5 YearsExpiredUSA
12.         Exchange of academic and research informationUniversity Of Florida19/03/2017Department of Pathology5 YearsExpiredUSA
13.         Higher education collaborationMIT22nd May, 2018Department of Mechanical Engineering3 YearsExpiredUSA
14.         Academic exchange and cooperation.Temple University-of the commonwealth system of higher education.5th October, 2017Faculty of Engineering3 YearsExpiredUSA
15.         Proposed Academic ExchangeUniversity of Louisville, Kentucky, USAUSA
16.         Staff & student Exchanges, Financial Assistance, & training,USAIDDepartment of AgronomyUSA
17.         Staff & student Exchanges, Financial Assistance, & training,USAID"Department of Crop USA
18.         Staff & student Exchanges, Financial Assistance, & training,Ford Foundation, USADept. of Vocational & Technical EducationUSA
19.         Study and ResearchUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison, USDept. of Chemical EngineeringUSA
20.         ResearchWayne State University, USADept. of Obstetrics & GynecologyUSA
21.         ResearchEngender health, New York, USADept. of Obstetrics & GynecologyUSA
22.         Computer Aided Instruction and Interactive Video Simulations, Bovine, Tuberculosis, Mycoplasmosis, Dermatophilosis.Dept. of Pathology and MicrobiologyUSA
23.         Staff TrainingKansas State UniversityDept. of Veterinary Surgery and MedicineUSA
24.         Staff TrainingNational Animal disease Research Centre, AMES, USA.Dept. of Veterinary Surgery and MedicineUSA
25.         Staff TrainingBureau for Development Support Agency, USA.Dept. of Veterinary Surgery and MedicineUSA
26.         Academic and Research Interchange on Cancer Research.The Broad Institute, INC. Cambridge, MA USAABUActiveUSA
27.         Academic and Research Interchange on Climate ChangeHarvard UniversityABUOngoing ProcessUSA
28.         Academic and Research Interchange on Cancer Research, Education, Training and Community Outreach.University of FloridaABUActiveUSA
29.         Artificial IntelligenceTechnology Innovation Management Centre, Carleton University, CanadaABUActiveUSA
30.         Cancer Research Education, Training and Community OutreachThe Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville Florida and Vanderbilt University Nashville, TennesseeABUActiveUSA
31.         Knowledge and experience sharingUniversity of Toronto, CanadaABUActiveUSA
32.         Shell Assessed Internship and Campus Ambassador ProgramsShell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)ABUActiveUSA
33.         ResearchUNICEF & Federal Ministry of HealthDepartment of Obstetrics & GynecologyActiveUSA
34.         ResearchRotary InternationalDepartment of Obstetrics & GynecologyActiveUSA
35.         Joint Research project, research training in the Biotechnology of Molecular Bacterial PathogenesisOntario Veterinary College, CanadaPathology & MicrobiologyActiveUSA
36.         Staff TrainingUSAIS WashingtonDepartment of Veterinary Surgery & MedicineActiveUSA
37.         Staff TrainingNational Animal Disease Research Centre, AMES, USADepartment of Veterinary Surgery & MedicineActiveUSA
38.         Staff TrainingBureau for Development Support Agency, USADepartment of Veterinary Surgery & MedicineActiveUSA
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