1Staff DevelopmentNottingham University, UKArt, Social Science, Law, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical science5 yearsUK
2Exploring the launch of a Centre of entrepreneurial excellence to assist in creating and growing Nigerian Start-up businesses and establish sustainable small and medium enterprises growth.Miascape, Afrintell, the Centre for African Policy, researchABUUK
and Development (Scotland) Ltd
3Academic partner PhD SchemeThe University of Nottingham, United Kingdom8/14/2013UK
4Memorandum of Understanding between ABU and INTBAU U.KINTBAU U.K17th February, 2009Department of ArchitectureUK
5Exchange of staff with the University of Birmingham, UK.University of Birmingham, U.K.Local Government StudiesUK
6 Exchange of Staff Research & Book Development Attachment and Experiential learning by students. Collaborative Film on radio drama production and broadcasting.School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), LondonDepartment of English & DramaUK
7Research/StudyUniversity of Birmingham, U.K.Water Resources and Environmental EngineeringUK
8Study/ResearchUniversity of Technology Loughborough, UKChemical EngineeringUK
9UKPathology and MicrobiologyUK
10Staff TrainingUniversity of Reading, UK.Department of Veterinary Surgery and MedicineUK
11Staff TrainingCambridge Commonwealth Trust, UK.Department of Veterinary Surgery and MedicineUK
12Memorandum of Understanding with UK pilgrim Hospital BostonUK Pilgrim Hospital Boston19-Aug-14ActiveUK
13Delivery of Split-Site MSc/PhD Programmes PTDF and University of Aberdeen, UKMainly: Engineering, Sciences, Law, Admin and Accounting5 yearsProposalUK
14Delivery of Split-Site MSc/PhD ProgrammesPTDF and University of Salford, UKMainly: Engineering, Sciences3 yearsProposalUK
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