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Dr (Mrs) Eugenia Chika Akpa

Welcome Message

The importance of a common playing field for all gender to participate actively in the development process cannot be overemphasized. The written and unwritten codes within cultural and traditional practices within societies has become factors which has served as inhibitors instead of the elixir that enhances equity.
The University being the highest citadel of learning is saddled with the responsibility of breaching the gap between nuances that hinders progress and development of society through various forms of redundant cultural practices and mores. As a result of advancement in science and medicine some of these cultural practices are considered dangerous to health, for example, the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and early or forced marriage practices. Furthermore, social transformation and transformation generally has shown to us the imperative of education for all, and the abolition of all forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV), which in the recent past and in this present time, is of great concern world over.
Through passed leadership of the Unit; Prof. Jummai Audi, and the immediate past, Prof. Binta Abdulkarim, the Unit has achieved a lot in making policies that are favorable for the promotion of equitable practices in the University and beyond. As the present Co-ordinator, we also will follow through with the footprint made available in order to advance achievements, and drive for policy change which are friendly.
I make a formal call to all stakeholders within and outside the country to lend a helping hand in achieving this vision of making the world a better place, where one is not relegated to the background on the basis of sex, and or color, but a place where humanity is prized above all else.
Equity for all becomes our watch word! Once again, I welcome all stakeholders to be a part of this journey of making Ahmadu Bello University a leading community in gender friendly relations!

Dr (Mrs) Eugenia Chika Akpa
Gender Policy Unit
Ahmadu Bello University Zaria


To strengthen the institutional mechanisms for the promotion of reliable gender policies on research, training, staff and students’ holistic development without bias.


An integrative University system where trust, social justice and equity prevails.

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