The postgraduate School was established in 1980 to enable the University achieve a higher degree of emphasis and coordination in its postgraduate training and research. The school was also charges with the responsibility of assisting departments improve training programmes to provide qualified manpower for the University, other Universities, private sector, institutions of higher learning, public corporations and parastatals, federal and state governments. Recently, The Ahmadu Bello University along with the University of Ibadan and the University of Nigeria Nsukka have been charged with the responsibility of producing the needed manpower for other tertiary Institutions hence they should place more emphasis on postgraduate studies.

According to Statute 21 which established the Postgraduate School, the functions of the Postgraduate School shall be:


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The University postgraduate (PG) policy spells out the guidelines for staff and student engagement in postgraduate activities in the Ahmadu Bello University. The PG policy envisages that each student would accomplish his/her studies within the stipulated duration for the corresponding study. Specifically, the terms of the policy are to define roles and duties of PG students, staff, Department and the Postgraduate School in the conduct of postgraduate studies in the University.


  • An applicant for an MSc program in the Ahmadu Bello University must be a graduate from a recognized university or similar institution.
  • Applicants for the university’s PhD programs must have obtained a Masters degree or equivalent from a recognized university or equivalent institution.
  • A PG student should offer a minimum of 50% of his/her courses in the relevant department and spectrum of their study.
  • Each PG student shall produce a Proposal document of his/her research within a month after the proposal defense which is to be endorsed by the supervisory committee and copied to the Asst. Dean.
  • A postgraduate student is expected to conduct both theoretical and practical components of his/her study with minimal assistance from technical staff or supervisors.
  • A postgraduate student should attend 75% of all lectures and seminars he/she registered for, failure to abide by this shall disqualify the student from being examined or permitted to make a seminar presentation as the case maybe.
  • An MSc student shall produce at least one manuscript for publication while a PhD student should generate a minimum of two manuscripts for publication prior to the external oral defense.
  • An MSc or PhD student is to offer a minimum credit load of courses stipulated for that program excluding the research and seminar.
  • All postgraduate students are to renew their registration with the Postgraduate School at the commencement of each session.
  • A postgraduate student shall be assessed in all or part by a written exam, term paper, orals, seminar, assignments and group project/presentation for courses he/she registered for. A copy of the grades should be forwarded by the course coordinator to the student’s department of registration and the Asst./Deputy Dean.
  • A postgraduate student may transfer his/her studies to or from the Faculty (from a recognized University) along with all relevant grades if approved by the Department/Faculty and Senate.
  • All postgraduate students who are not certified Computer literate are to undergo a mandatory “Basic Computer Operations” Course.
  • Each student is to maintain a hard cover log/work book into which daily entries of his/work are made. This is to be periodically inspected by the supervisory committee and external examiner (should the need arise).
  • It is the responsibility of every postgraduate student to ensure that all his/her course results have been forwarded to the Asst. Dean and Department of registration prior to the external defense.
  • Prior to the external oral defense, all postgraduate students must have completed the minimum credits of course work, presented all seminars required and have a valid registration with the Postgraduate School.
  • In event of a successful external defense (with minimal corrections), the corrected thesis/dissertation should be presented to the faculty PG Committee through the Asst. Dean for perusal within one months of the exam. This is to ensure compliance with the PG School’s 3 month deadline for receipt of such defended thesis/dissertations.Â
  • The student should after correcting the thesis/dissertation forward 6 bound copies of the thesis/dissertation to the PG School for endorsement.


  • Qualified staff members are expected to participate in postgraduate programs as supervisors and or course teachers/instructors/lecturers or coordinators.
  • Qualified staff members are to devote a substantial part of their time for postgraduate programs.
  • All teachers/lecturers/ instructors of postgraduate programs and courses should have obtained the degree for which they are teaching or supervising and should not be registered post graduate students.
  • All postgraduate courses should be taught by a minimum of 2 staff where possible.
  • A supervisor shall not supervise more than 6 postgraduate students as a major supervisor but may participate as a member of other committees.
  • Every supervisory committee shall meet at least once in a semester to review the progress of their student prior to the departmental PG Committee meeting.
  • Departmental PG coordinators are to attend all postgraduate presentations and external defense in respect of their departmental PG student(s).
  • Where required, the supervisors shall submit a progress report on a student to the Postgraduate School, sponsors or employers through the respective department and Dean’s office.


  1. Provision of classroom, laboratory and office facility suitable for postgraduate studies and instruction.
  2. Each Department shall nominate a qualified staff (other than the HOD) to coordinate her postgraduate program(s).
  3. Departmental PG Committees should meet at least once every semester to review progress of their students.
  4. A minimum supervisory committee of 2 for MSc, 3 for PhD students and 2 for Postgraduate Diploma and professional degree programs shall be constituted for each student as a pre-condition to the admission of the student.
  5. The responsibility of the Supervisory Committee shall be in parts to:
    1. Assist in planning the research project. It is desirable that the project be in the major supervisor’s area of interest and specialty.
    2. Assist the candidate to prepare application for research grant from the University A Board of Research or from any other source
    3. Hold regular meetings with the candidate.
    4. Keep a record of the candidate’s progress and submit yearly reports to the PG School through the Head of Department of the candidate.
    5. Guide the candidate in writing the thesis in conformity with the approved format.
  1. Whereas a Lecturer 1 may partake in the supervision of both MSc and PhD students (if a PhD holder) he/she cannot serve as the major supervisor for a PhD program until he attains the rank of a Senior Lecturer.
  2. One year after the award of a postgraduate degree, a department may engage the services of the affected staff in PG supervision but such staff can be immediately co-opted into teaching relevant postgraduate courses.
  3. At the beginning of each session, all departments should forward the list of courses to be offered to the PG Coordinator who shall make available the list and a time table of the courses within the first week of every semester.
  4. A one-semester postgraduate course should be delivered and examined within the semester in which it is being offered.
  5. Incorporation of at least one suitable expert from another department or relevant establishment in all postgraduate supervisory committees.
  6. No admission application should be considered except accompanied by the applicant’s transcript where the applicant did not obtain the pre-requisite qualification (degree) from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
  7. Departments are to ensure compliance with the minimum duration of 18 months for MSc programs and maximum of 3 years while a minimum duration of 24 months and maximum of 5 years for a full time or 7 years for part time PhD.
  8. The Supervisory Committee may recommend to the Departmental and subsequently, the Faculty Postgraduate Committee and Postgraduate School the termination of a student’s candidature for unsatisfactory progress.
  9. Departments should utilize qualified and suitable staff from other units of the university, centers and institutes in teaching and supervision of postgraduate students to enhance the quality of postgraduate studies.
  10. The Asst. Dean shall suspend a student seminar in event none of the supervisors’ turns up for the presentation.
  11. Whereas all Postgraduate Diploma projects are to be subjected to an internal defense, MSc and PhD thesis/dissertation are to be subjected to an external oral defense.
  12. For all postgraduate programs and courses, the following grading system shall apply Viz.: A = 70-100%; B = 60-69%; C = 50-59%; F = < 50%.
  13. The Faculty PG Committee shall meet monthly to review submissions to and from the Postgraduate school as well as evaluate the progression of the Faculty PG programs.

Each department shall communicate the date of an MSc external defense to the Asst. Dean one week in advance and 2 weeks in advance for a PhD defense. PhD exams should be communicated to the postgraduate school two weeks to the examination to facilitate nomination of the Dean PG School representative to the examination.


Faculty of Administration Programme
Department of Accounting
M.Sc Accounting & Finance
Masters in Banking & Finance
PGD. Accounting & Finance
Ph.D Accounting & Finance
Department of Business Administration
M.Sc Business Administration (Full-Time)
Masters in Business Administration (Full-time)
Masters in Business Administration (Part-Time)
PGD in Management (Part-time)
Ph.D. Business Administration
Department of Local Government and Development Studies
Masters in Public Administration – Local Government
Department of Public Administration
M.Sc Public Administration (Full-Time)
Masters in Public Administration (Full-Time)
Masters in Public Administration (Part-Time)
PGD Public Administration (Part-Time)
Ph.D Public Administration (Full-Time)
Faculty of Agriculture Programme
Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
M.Sc Agric. Economics
M.Sc Agric. Extension & Rural Sociology
PGD. Agric Econs.
Ph.D Agric. Economics
Ph.D Agric. Extension & Rural Sociology
Department of Agronomy
M.Sc Agronomy
PGD-Crop Production
PGD. Agronomy
Ph.D Agronomy
Department of Animal Science
M.Sc Animal. Science (Full-Time)
PGD. Animal Production (Part-Time)
PGD. Animal Science (Part-Time)
Ph.D Animal Science (Full-Time)
Ph.D Animal Science (Part-Time)
Department of Crop Protection
M.Sc Crop Protection (Full-time)
PGD. Crop Protection (Part-Time)
Ph.D.Crop Protection (Full-time)
Ph.D.Crop Protection (Part-time)
Department of Plant Science
M.Sc Crop Breeding (Full-Time)
PGD. Plant Science
PGD. Seed Prod. & Tech. (Part-Time)
Ph.D Crop Breeding (Full-Time)
Ph.D Crop Breeding (Part-Time)
Ph.D Crop Physiology (Full-Time)
Department of Soil Science
M.Sc Soil Science (Full-time)
PGD. Soil Science
Ph.D Soil Science (Full-time)
Faculty of Arts Programme
Department of African Languages and Cultures
M.A. African Lang. (Arabic) Full-time
M.A. African Lang. (Hausa) Full-time
Ph.D African Lang. (Arabic) Full-time
Ph.D African Lang. (Chadics) Full-time
Ph.D African Lang. (Hausa) Full-time
Ph.D African Lang. (Linguistics) Full-time
Ph.D African Lang. (Ngemba) Full-time
Department of Arabic
M. A. Arabic
Ph.D. Arabic
Department of Archeology
M.A. Archaelogy (Full-Time)
Ph.D. Archeology
Ph.D. Cultural Resource Management
Department of English
M.A. English Literature (Full-Time)
M.A.English Lang. (Full-Time)
M.A.Literature (Full-Time)
Ph.D English Lang. (Full-Time)
Ph.D English Literature (Full-Time)
Department of French
M.A. French (Full-Time)
Ph.D French (Full-time)
Department of History
M.A. History (Full-time)
Ph.D History (Full-time)
Department of Theatre and Performing Arts
M.A. Drama (Full-time)
M.A.Development Communication (Full-Time)
M.A.Theatre Performing Arts (Full-Time)
Ph.D Development Comm. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Drama (Full-Time)
Ph.D Theater Dev. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Theatre and Performing Arts (Full-Time)
Faculty of Education Programme
Department of Education
M.Ed Admin. & Planning (Full-Time)
M.Ed CRS. (Full-Time)
M.Ed Curriculum & Instruc. (Full-Time)
M.Ed Education
M.Ed Education Psychology
M.Ed Guid. & Counselling (Full-Time)
M.Ed Instruction Technology
M.Ed Islamic Studies (Full-Time)
M.Ed Language Arts
M.Ed Maths Education(Full Time)
M.Ed Psychology (Full-Time)
M.Ed Science Education (Full-Time)
M.Ed Social Studies (Full-Time)
M.Ed Teaching English as Second Language (Full-Time)
PGDE. (Full Time)
Ph.D CRS. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Curriculum & Instruc. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Education Admin. & Planning (Full-Time)
Ph.D Guid. & Counselling (Full-Time)
Ph.D Islamic Studies (Full-Time)
Ph.D Maths Education (Full Time)
Ph.D Psychology (Full-Time)
Ph.D Science Education (Full-Time)
Ph.D Social Studies (Full Time)
Ph.D Teaching English as Second Language (Full-Time)
Ph.D. Education
Ph.D. Language Arts
Department of Library and Information Science
Library and Information Science(PHD)
M.Sc Inform. Science (Full-Time)
Masters in Library and Information Science (Full-time)
Masters Inform. Management (Part-time)
PGD in Inform. Management (Part-Time)
Department of Physical and Health Education
M.Ed Health Education (Full-Time)
M.Ed Physical Education (Full-Time)
M.Sc Sports Management (Full-Time)
M.Sc. Exercise and Sports Sciences (Full-Time)
PGD. Sports Management (PGDSM)
Ph.D Exercise & Sports Science (Full-Time)
Ph.D Health Education (Full-Time)
Ph.D Sports Management (Full-Time)
PH.D. Physical Education
Department of Vocational and Technical Education
M.Ed Agric Education (Full-Time)
M.Ed Business Education (Full-Time)
M.Ed Home Economics (Full-Time)
M.Ed. Clothing & Textiles
M.Ed. Family and Child Development
M.Ed. Vocational & Technical Education
Ph.D Business Education (Full-Time)
Ph.D Home Economics (Full-Time)
Faculty of Engineering Programme
Department of Agricultural Engineering
M.Sc Agric. Engineering
M.Sc Farm Power and Machinery
Ph.D Agric. Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
M.Sc Chemical Engineering (Full-Time)
PGD Chemical Engineering (Full-Time)
Ph.D Chemical Engineering (Part-time)
Department of Civil Engineering
M.Sc Civil Eng. (Full-Time)
M.Sc Geotechnics (Full-Time)
M.Sc High Way (Full-Time)
M.Sc Material (Full-Time)
M.Sc Structure (Full-Time)
Ph.D Civil Eng. (Full-time)
Ph.D Civil Eng. (Part-time)
Ph.D Geotechnics (Full-time)
Ph.D High Way (Full-time)
Ph.D Structure (Full-time)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.Sc Electrical Engineering (Full-time)
Ph.D Electrical Engineering (Full-time)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Full-Time)
Ph.D Energy Studies (Full-Time)
Ph.D Mechanical Engineering (Full-Time)
Ph.D Mechanical Engineering (Part-Time)
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
M.Sc Metallurgical Engineering. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Metallurgical Engineering (Full-Time)
Ph.D Metallurgical Engineering (Part-Time)
Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
M.Sc Water Resources & Environmental Engineering (Full-Time)
Ph.D Water Resources & Environmental Engineering (Full-Time)
Faculty of Environmental Design Programme
Department of Architecture
M.Sc. Architecture
Masters in Landscape Architecture (Part-Time)
Masters in Urban Design (Full-Time)
PGD Landscape Architecture (Part-Time)
Ph.D Architecture (Full-Time)
Ph.D Architecture (Part-Time)
Department of Building
M.Sc Building Services (Full-time)
M.Sc Contr. Manag. (Full-time)
M.Sc Contr. Tech. (Full-time)
Masters in Building (Full-Time)
Masters in Facilities Management (Part-time)
PGD. Building (Part-time)
Ph.D Building Services (Full-time)
Ph.D Contr. Manag. (Full-time)
Ph.D Contr. Tech. (Full-time)
Ph.D. Building
Department of Fine Arts
M.A. Arts Education (Full-time)
M.A. Arts History (Full-time)
Masters in Fine Arts – Painting (Full-time)
Masters in Fine Arts – Sculpture (Full-time)
Ph.D Arts Education (Full-time)
Ph.D Arts History (Full-time)
Ph.D Fine Arts
Department of Industrial Design
M. A. Glass Technology
M.A. Ceramics
M.A. Graphics
M.A. Industrial Design (Full-time)
M.A. Textiles
PGD Industrial Design
Ph.D Industrial Design (Full-time)
Ph.D Industrial Design (Part-time)
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
M.Sc Tourism & Recreation (Full-Time)
M.Sc Urban Management (Full-Time)
M.Sc. Urban & Regional Planning (Full-Time)
PGD Urban and Regional Planning
Ph.D Urban Regional Planning (Full-time)
Ph.D Urban Regional Planning (Part-time)
Faculty of Law Programme
Department of Civil Law
LLM. (Full-time)
Ph.D Law (Full-Time)
Department of Commercial Law
LLM Commercial Law
Ph.D Commercial Law
Department of Private Law
LLM. Private Law
Ph.D Private Law
Department of Public Law
LLM. Public Law
PGD in Corporate Manag. Law (Part-Time)
PGD in Estate Management Law (Part-Time)
PGD in Intern. Law & Diplomacy (Part-Time)
PGD in Islamic Law (Part-Time)
Ph.D. Public Law
Department of Sharia Law
LLM. Sharia Law
Ph.D. Sharia Law
Faculty of Medicine Programme
Department of Chemical Pathology
M.Sc Chemical Pathology
Ph.D Chemical Pathology (Full-Time)
Department of Community Medicine
Masters Public Health (Full-Time)
MPH. Field Epidemiology (FELTP)
Department of Human Anatomy
M.Sc Human Anatomy (Full-time)
Ph.D Human Anatomy (Full-Time)
Department of Human Physiology
M.Sc Human Physiology (Full-time)
Ph.D Human Physiology (Full-Time)
Ph.D Human Physiology (Part-Time)
Department of Medicine
M.Sc. Medicine/Immunology
Ph.D. Medicine/Immunology
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Programme
Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
Ph.D Pharm.& Med.Chemistry (Full-Time)
Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Microbiology
M.Sc Pharm.Microbiology (Full-Time)
M.Sc. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Ph.D Pharm. & Pharm. Microbiology (Full-Time)
Ph.D Pharm. & Pharm. Microbiology (Part-Time)
Department of Pharmacognosy and Drug Development
M.Sc Pharmacognosy and Drug Development (Full-Time)
Ph.D. Pharmacognosy and Drug Development
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
M.Sc. Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy
Ph.D. Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy
Faculty of Science Programme
Department of Biochemistry
M.Sc Biochemistry (Full-Time)
PGD. Biochemistry
PGD. Nutrition (Part-Time)
Ph.D Biochemistry (Full-Time)
Department of Biological Sciences
M.Sc. Biological Science
M.Sc. Botany
M.Sc. Educational Biology
M.Sc. Fisheries
M.Sc. Zoology
Ph.D Fisheries
Ph.D. Biological Science
Ph.D. Botany
Ph.D. Educational Biology
Ph.D. Zoology
Department of Chemistry
M.Sc Analytical Chem.
M.Sc Chemistry (Full-Time)
M.Sc Chemistry (Part-Time)
M.Sc Inorganic Chem.
M.Sc Physical Chem. (Full-Time)
M.Sc Polymer Sci.& Tech.(Full-Time)
Organic Chemistry (Masters)
PGD. Analytical Chemistry (Full-time)
PGD. Environmental Chemistry (Full-time)
Ph.D Chemistry (Full-Time)
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Geography
M.Sc Geography (Full-Time)
M.Sc Rural Development (Full-Time)
PGD in Geog. Information System (Part-Time)
PGD-Remote Sensing (Part-Time)
PGD. Rural Development
Ph.D Geography (Full-Time)
Ph.D Rural Development (Full-Time)
Department of Geology
M.Sc.Geology (Full-Time)
Ph.D.Geology (Full-Time)
Department of Mathematics
M.Sc Computer Science (Full-Time)
M.Sc Mathematics (Full-Time)
M.Sc Statistics (Full-Time)
PGD. Computer Science (Part-Time)
PGD. Statistics (Part-Time)
Ph.D. Computer Science
Ph.D. Mathematics
Ph.D. Statistics
Department of Microbiology
M.Sc Microbiology (Full-Time)
PGD Microbiology (Part-Time)
Ph.D Microbiology (Full-Time)
Ph.D Microbiology (Part-Time)
Department of Physics
M.Sc Applied Geophysics (Full-Time)
M.Sc Geophysics (Full-Time)
M.Sc Physics (Full-Time)
M.Sc Radiation Biophysics (Full-Time)
M.Sc Radiation Biophysics (Part-Time)
Ph.D Applied Geophy. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Physics (Full-Time)
Ph.D Radiation Biophysics (Full-Time)
Department of Textile Science and Technology
M.Sc Colour Chem. & Tech.(Full-Time)
M.Sc Textile Sci.& Tech.(Full-Time)
M.Sc. Fibre and Polymer
PGD Color Chem.
PGD Text. Science & Tech. (Part-Time)
Ph.D Colour Chem.(Full-Time)
Ph.D Fiber & Polymer (Full-Time)
Ph.D Textile Sci.& Tech.(Full-Time)
Ph.D Textile Sci.& Tech.(Part-Time)
Ph.D. Composite Technology
Faculty of Social Science Programme
Department of Economics
M.Sc Economics (Full-time)
Ph.D Economics (Full-time)
Department of Mass Communication
M.Sc Mass Communication (Full-time)
PGD Mass Communication (Part-Time)
Department of Political Science
M.Sc Political Science (Full-time)
Masters in Intern. Affairs & Diplomacy (Part-time)
PGD. Election Administration (PGDEA)
Ph.D Poitical Science (Full-time)
Department of Sociology
M.Sc Sociology (Full-time)
Masters in Law enforc. Criminal Justice(MLC) (Part-Time)
Ph.D. Sociology
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Programme
Department of Veterinary Anatomy
M.Sc Vet. Anatomy (Full-Time)
M.Sc. Embryology
M.Sc. Histology
M.Sc. Neuroanatomy
M.Sc. Teratology
M.Sc. Vet. Gross Anatomy
Master of Tropical Veterinary Medicine (MTVM)
Ph.D. Veterinary Anatomy
Department of Veterinary Parasitology and Entomology
M.Sc Vet. Parasitology & Entomology (Full-time)
PGD. Veterinary Parasitology (PGDVP)
Ph.D Vet. Parasiology and Entomology (Full-time)
Department of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology
M.Sc Vet.Path.& Micro. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Vet.Path.& Micro. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Vet.Path.& Micro. (Part-Time)
Department of Veterinary Physiology
M.Sc Vet. Pharmacology(Full-Time)
M.Sc Vet. Physiology (Full-Time)
M.Sc Vet. Physiology (Part-Time)
M.Sc Vet. Toxicology (Full-Time)
Ph.D Vet. Physio. & Pharm. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Vet. Physio. & Pharm. (Part-Time)
Department of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine
M.Sc Public Health (Full-Time)
M.Sc Public Health (Part-Time)
Ph.D Public Health (Full-Time)
Department of Veterinary Surgery and Medicine
M.Sc Avian Med. (Full-Time)
M.Sc Large Animal Med. (Full-Time)
M.Sc Small Animal Med. (Full-Time)
M.Sc Soft Tissues Surg. (Full-Time)
M.Sc Theriogenology (Full-Time)
M.Sc Vet. Surg. And Medicine (Full-Time)
M.Sc. Vet. Medicine (Full-Time)
Ph.D Large Animal Med. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Surgery & Med. (Full-Time)
Ph.D Vet. Medicine (Full-Time)
Ph.D Vet. Medicine (Part-Time)
Ph.D Vet. Surgery (Full-Time)


In addition to the departmental postgraduate studies committee, the faculty postgraduate studies committee shall be composed of:

  1. Dean -Chairman
  2. Assistant Dean, (PG & Research) – Vice Chairman
  3. All Heads of Department
  4. All Departmental Postgraduate Coordinators
  5. All Professors
  6. Faculty Officer – Secretary

The Committee is responsible for the conduct and management of postgraduate programmes in the Faculty. The specific functions of the committee shall be:

  1. Formulation of rules and procedures relating to PG studies in the Faculties within the framework of the policies of the postgraduate school.
  2. Considering and making recommendations on proposed postgraduate courses and programmes.
  3. Reviewing the supervisory list of postgraduate students and examiners suggested by the departments prior to submission to the Postgraduate School Board.
  4. Shall approve result of PG courses prior to submission to the PG School Board.
  5. Shall ensure the proper conduct of PG seminars in the Faculty.
  6. The committee shall consider all matters requiring resolution of conflicts or disciplinary action and recommend its discussions to the Postgraduate School Board
  7. Recommending for approval, students admission and
  8. Any other duty that maybe assigned by the Postgraduate School Board.


The departmental postgraduate studies committee shall be composed of:

  1. HOD – Chairman
  2. Departmental PG Coordinator – Vice Chairman
  3. All PhD holders
  4. MSc holders (excluding PG students)
  5. Departmental Secretary – Secretary

The Committee is responsible for the conduct and management of postgraduate programmes in the Department. The specific functions of the committee shall be:

  1. Formulation of rules and procedures relating to PG studies within the framework of the policies of the postgraduate school.
  2. Considering and making recommendations on proposed postgraduate courses and programmes.
  3. Reviewing the supervisory list of postgraduate students in the department prior to submission to the Faculty Postgraduate Committee.
  4. Recommending for approval, students admission and
  5. Any other duty that maybe assigned by the Postgraduate School Board