Department Of Business Administration

Founded: 1966
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Brief History

The Department of Business Administration started in 1966 with just 10 students pursuing the undergraduate degree programs in Business administration, with the first set of students graduating in 1970. It is located at the Kongo Campus of the University and is one of the four academic departments of the Faculty of Administration. The other departments are the Department of Accounting, the Department of Public Administration and the Department of Local Government Studies, Research and Consultancy. The Departments of Accounting and Business Administration together make up the Business school.

The Department of Business Administration has transformed from the modest beginning of only 10 students into the largest and most extensive of all academic Departments in the University in terms of staff and students population, number of programmes and courses. Currently, it offers a 4 year degree programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with specialization in Actuarial Science, Banking and Finance, Management and Marketing. The Department also runs the Master of Business Administration (Graduate) programme both at Full-Time (24 months) and Part-time (36 months). In addition, there is the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) that runs on Part-Time (12 months), M.Sc. Bus. Admin. Full-Time (12 months) and the Ph.D Programme in Business Administration.

The MBA full time programme of the Department of Business Administration started in 1980 with a few students. In 1990, the part-time programmme introduced and the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) was also introduced in 1997.

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To produce high quality graduates with the highest level of professionalism capable of meeting the changing needs and challenges of the Nigerian economy in the 21st century to train high level manpower with information competence that can cope with the challenges of globalization

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The B.Sc. business administration programme would provide the students with a broad foundation in the first and second years, covering all areas in business administration. The first courses are designed to equip the student with background knowledge of business, economics and accounting in addition to writing skills and civic responsibilities. The student is also exposed to basic quantitative methods in business administration that are needed to sharpen his/her computing skills. It will develop the student’s theoretical knowledge and the ability to use statistical tools to interpret and use financial data.

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Registration Guidelines


Every student is expected to register at the beginning of each session.


Registration of fresh students involves the following procedures:
(i) The starting point is to collect admission letter and MIS Form 01 and MIS Form 05 from the Faculty Registration Officer.

(ii) The student should collect teller from the representative of Bursary Division and pay the stipulated registration fees at the designated bank.

(iii) The student should register with the Departmental Registration Officer, who is attached to the Faculty Registration Officer.

(iv) Register with the Departmental (100 or 200) level Registration Officers at the department.

(v) The student should go back to the Faculty Registration Officer with the forms he/she earlier on collected for his/her signature and Faculty stamp.

(vi) Finally, the student should register with the representative of the Academic Secretary.


Returning Student registration involves the following procedures:

(i) Payment of appropriate fees to the designated bank.

(ii)Collection and filling of MIS Form 05 from the Faculty Registration Officer.

(iii)The student then should register with the Departmental Registration Officer.

(iv) Then the student should proceed to the Faculty Registration Officer for registration.

(v) Finally, the student should register with the representative of the Academic Secretary.


Returning students who wish to add or drop a course from their initial registration can obtain Add/Drop MIS Form 03 from the Departmental Registration Officer. This must be done two weeks after the registration period. The Faculty, the Department and the Academic Office conduct Add/Drop Registration exercise. Normally only one week is earmarked for this exercise. Therefore, no further registration is allowed within the semester.


Course of study can be deferred for a minimum one semester and a maximum of two semesters. A candidate is expected to have registered fully before putting in application for deferment of study. Although, the B.Sc Business Administration degree is a four –year programme, all students are expected to complete their studies within a maximum period of six years. In other words, deferment of studies, can only be approved for a minimum of one semester and for a maximum of four semesters

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